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Welcome to "Sex & Relationships"!


This website is dedicated to giving you information and advice on how to achieve robust and intimate relationships and a fulfilling sex life.

We offer advice on sexual health topics such as safer sex, sexual problems and psychosexual issues, as well as on the dynamics between couples and how to keep your relationship alive. 

Humans are destined to seek out relationships, and having sex helps us to bond deeply.

Sexuality is a powerful, primal force in our lives, which drives us out into the world to seek partners and find ways of expressing ourselves with others. Unfortunately, as a society we talk very little about relationships and how to make them work - and we discuss sexuality even less.

But good sex and good relationships are vital in all our lives and they're an important aspect of happiness for most people. We hope this web site will get you thinking and talking about sex and relationships.


Anna & Rod: Female and Male Co-authors

This website is co-authored by a man and a woman to give you information on sex and relationships from a male and a female perspective.

On some parts of our site you can see who has written what, so you can be clear about our bias. We hope that this double narrative will capture the complexities inherent in sexual relationships.

We aim to make this the best site on sexual health, sex, psychosexual problems and relationships on the web. Here are some comments our readers have left us so far:

  • Highly informative, nice presentation, very erotic without being explicit or vulgar.

  • Useful, erotic, informative. Perhaps a bit wordy and worthy, but very much better than most sex sites which are either superficial or pornographic.

  • Great that you used real couples in the sex positions photos! Thanks heavens you represent what normal people do in their sexual relationships!

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Apologies if the topic you're interested in hasn't made it onto our site yet. Please drop us a note or come and visit us again soon to see our progress.

Best wishes,
Anna and Rod

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Here are two great videos we have discovered on sex positions and the coital alignment technique - often mentioned, never explained....

Sex Positions

Coital alignment technique


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Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships

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