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Main points:

  • Beware of trying too hard: sex should be good fun, not gymnastics.

  • Creative sex positions can be a great tease.

  • The more exotic sex positions are best reserved for those sex sessions when you're feeling light-hearted and playful.

  • To all the guys: if your penis starts feeling uncomfortable, stop what you're doing and find a position that suits you better. If you bend your penis beyond its natural limits it can damage the internal tissues, which may produce Peyronie's disease.

  • The same applies to women's backs!

  • Slow down your pace when trying something new, so that you'll know if you or your partner are not comfortable with what's happening. 

  • If you happen to be incapacitated by the pain of physical illness, you'll know how challenging this can be. Get help, either from your doctor or from using home remedies for the conditions which get between you and maximum sexual enjoyment. For example if you have gallstones, the bloating and discomfort may be something you don't wish to put up with - check out for more information.

He says:

Men often imagine that trying out new sexual positions will put back the fizz and excitement into a sex life that has gone a bit dull. There's some truth in this, in that men are stimulated by novelty and new ideas that appeal to their fantasy life. But in reality, a dull sex life is best revived by increased intimacy, love and understanding between the partners. The more exotic sex positions like the ones shown here are best reserved for those sex sessions when you're feeling light-hearted and playful and want to experiment for a bit of fun. What you'll find is that some of the positions are so difficult to get into that there's no point trying them again, while others will give one or both of you some wonderful new experiences!


She says:

Sex should be good fun not gymnastics! However, sometimes you might really enjoy playing with the novel and the unexpected. On top of that, though, talk to your partner about what really turns you on. Quite often getting turned on isn't really about a new contorted position, but about some other big or small additions to your sex life. It's really hard for many people to acknowledge and express what turns them on; however, if you do talk about it with your partner you have the chance of creating a sexy and passionate long-term, monogamous relationship, which doesn't leave you yearning for what other people have to offer.



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He says:

Some of them will make you come more quickly and others will allow you to go on enjoying sex for longer: the only way you're going to find out what happens is to try them, since the pleasure to be gained from any sex position depends on the size and shape of a couple's penis and vagina, not to mention their physical flexibility and suppleness.

Just a word of warning. The penis is a remarkable organ, and it can withstand a lot of stress during sex. But some of the positions below require a flexibility that your penis may not possess - so if you start to feel uncomfortable, I strongly suggest you stop what you're doing and find a position that suits you better. If you bend your penis beyond its natural limits it can damage the internal tissues, which may produce Peyronie's disease.

She says:

Please guys, do look after yourselves! We hope you want to be a good lover to your partner for a long time to come.


He says:

We've devoted this page to some of the more unusual positions for sex. Whether you enjoy them will depend on many things, including how adventurous you are, the size and shape of your penis and vagina, and your willingness to experiment. But however adventurous you are, it's not hard to figure out what feels good when you're actually making love to your partner!

As you can see if you look at the pictures below, these sex positions include some that are so acrobatic you have to be incredibly flexible or fit to achieve them. But we hope that they might inspire you to have fun trying something new in your lovemaking. And if you or your partner are slightly inhibited when it comes to talking about sex, looking at the pictures together might be a good way of breaking down your inhibitions and achieving greater intimacy and communication.

Since the best sex comes from a light-hearted, fun, relaxed place (from the natural wild, sensual self, in fact), the more you can laugh together when you get naked and sexual, the better. Trying to get into some of these sex positions isn't a test of your sexual prowess - it's more a route to greater intimacy, fun, communication and - perhaps - orgasmic pleasure!



She says:

Feel free to experiment, but also to say "no." You don't have to prove that you are a goddess of the bedroom, just be natural and go for what you want. Some of the more adventurous sex positions can be good fun and may give you more control, intensity or connection with your partner. Slow down your pace when trying something new so that you notice if you or your partner are not comfortable with what's happening. And if it's not hitting the spot just move around and find something that does.


























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