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Rear entry sex positions


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Main tips:

  • Rear entry sex has a very primal and lustful feel to it. If you are in the mood for wild sex with passion this is the sex position to use! However, it may make men with a tendency to come quickly lose control of their ejaculation!

  • The absence of eye contact can feel distant or work for you by giving you space to fully enjoy the sensations of your body.
  • As both partners support their own weight, this position allows for much more freedom of movement, both for men and women. Women can position their hips as sex proceeds to get maximum impact in their vagina where they like it best.
  • Sex in this position needs much less effort from the man as he does not need to hold up his weight and thrusting can be done by both partners.
  • For men rear entry sex positions are visually very exciting. Women can combine sex in this position with their favorite fantasies but if they're not into it, it can be boring or even negative for them.
  • For maximum effect for women combine with plenty of foreplay.


He says:

Rear entry sex is also known as "doggy style". For men, it's simply one of the most exciting and arousing positions of all. Why? Because most men find few things as exciting as watching the act of penetration, and in this position, the excitement is increased by the very arousing view he has of his partner's buttocks. Few men can resist the opportunity of rear entry sex when their partner is willing to share it with them. In fact, it's a very primal position that satisfies our most basic and lustful sexual urges. And that can be true for some women, as well.

And if he comes too quickly, then this position may not be the best. Although, of course, he can choose to adopt a set of ejaculation control techniques such as those described in Lloyd Lester's Ejaculation by Command.

She says:

Rear entry can also be very exciting for women. As with all sex positions there are benefits and drawbacks in each. Read on to find out more.... 


He says:

These pictures illustrate just a few of the many ways in which a couple can make love in this highly stimulating position. Most people will find a few favorite positions and then stick to them for 90% of the time, but it can be worth experimenting a little, since just a small shift in position can alter the sensations you feel quite dramatically.

The classic position will have the woman kneeling and the man standing behind her, so that she can raise or lower her hips to permit easy penetration. Of course, she too can stand and bend forward from the waist, but this will only work well if the couple are matched in height. 


She says:

One of the key things in this position is that the woman needs to tilt or raise her hips to allow penetration. This means that her back needs to arch down as shown in the photos below. One of the drawbacks of this position for the woman is that her arched back then has to absorb some of the impact created through thrusting. If you have problems with your lower back this will probably not feel very comfortable. Even if women do not feel the impact during the night,  they may very well get reminded about their night of passion by their back in the morning.


P7144176.jpg (45867 bytes) P6103605.jpg (50844 bytes)

He says:

In general, the variations which make this position so pleasurable will come from changes in the angle and tightness of the woman's vagina and the angle at which her partner enters her. Since this will be slightly different for each couple, experimentation is essential so you can discover the way you enjoy it most. But if you think of her G-spot as being on the front wall of her vagina, then you can easily see that the positions where the man enters at a sharper angle will tend to stimulate it the most. This can be very enjoyable for her, but if there is too much friction, a little artificial lube may help.

She says:

What makes this position attractive to a woman is that she can change the angle of her hips very easily and therefore direct his thrusting wherever she wants it at. Rear entry also allows for very deep penetration, which doesn't do too much for most women as they can only feel stimulation throughout the outer third of their vaginas. One drawback of deep penetration is that the man's penis may touch the sensitive area of the cervix deep inside the vagina, as is the case with the missionary position. This can feel uncomfortable to a woman; however she can easily tilt her hips slightly to avoid her man's penis touching a specific area inside of her.

On the other hand, a woman can participate a lot more with thrusting in this position, especially if she is kneeling. Her whole body can easily move forwards or backwards and she could even do all the thrusting herself with the man being still. This can give a woman a sense of being in charge and taking part fully in a couple's passion.


P7144170.jpg (55077 bytes)


He says:

In the following photo, the woman has her legs together. This will increase the tightness of her vagina and make the sensations more intense for both partners. It may also make him ejaculate more quickly.

She says:

Keeping her legs together can be extremely exciting for a woman as it allows her to tense her muscles in her legs and increase the pressure on her man's penis. This will create more intense sensations for her, as well as give her a sense of control. Also, if the woman keeps her legs together it will stop her man penetrating too deeply, which may feel more comfortable to her.

P7144188.jpg (55871 bytes)

P7143931.jpg (57324 bytes)

P6103539.jpg (58884 bytes)

P7144196.jpg (57140 bytes)


He says:

As the pictures show, there are many, many positions for a couple to play with when they make love this way. Each has its own special merits: but since men are so visual, they tend to like the ones where they can see what's happening as the couple make love! For a man, the sight of himself penetrating his partner can be very arousing! (If a woman enjoys seeing this too, she will be best placed to see it in the woman on top position.) It can be very sensuous for the partners when the woman is almost sitting in the man's lap as they make love. 

She says:

From a visual perspective this position doesn't do much for a woman unless she likes the look of their wallpaper! Obviously she won't be able to see much of her lover in this position. On the other hand, it can be exciting not having to maintain eye contact with your lover. In this position it doesn't matter what faces you pull or how your breasts and stomach look. The woman can simply relax into the sensations of her body without having to do anything for him anymore. Additionally, she's still got use of her hands in this position, especially when she's lying down, and she can employ them for herself to best effect. Alternatively, this is a good position to combine with your favorite sexual fantasy.


P2222068.jpg (43173 bytes) P2221840.jpg (42891 bytes) 


He says:

Rear entry sex is great for role play, when a couple want to explore dominance and receptiveness during their lovemaking. This is especially good for men who want to explore their feeling of dominance. That's not to say that men are always the dominant partner in lovemaking, far from it, since for any couple, the balance of dominance and submissiveness (or if you prefer, the roles of active and passive partner, or giver and accepter of sexual energy), will vary throughout a session of lovemaking, and from one session to the next. But this is a good one for men to feel their sexual power - and, as we explain below, it's a position in which women can do so too!

She says:

I think all sexual positions allow for different aspects of dominance or receptiveness. Rear entry can also make women feel powerful as they are possibly more able to unleash pure lust within themselves.


P2221837.jpg (56245 bytes)

PB148704.jpg (56335 bytes)

PB148694.jpg (62767 bytes) 


He says:

Unfortunately many women feel rear entry is a bit of an impersonal sex position, fine perhaps if both partners feel very horny, but maybe not so romantic or loving in the normal course of things. Other women say that they feel like a sex object when they take part in rear entry sex, so maybe a lot of women only do it to please their partner.

She says:

Unfortunately, some women may feel uncomfortable with rear entry sex. This may partly be due to culture and upbringing, which still gives women the message that it is not OK to be overtly and fully sexual. However, the position in itself contributes to the sense of disconnectedness for women as it does not allow for eye contact. Also, she does not get to see her partner, which will make it easier for her attention to drift away to what she needs to buy at the supermarket tomorrow. Also, during classic doggy style with both partners on their hands and knees body contact between both partners may only be through their genitals. This may suit men, who are very centred on their penises, but may leave women fairly bored as the rest of their body does not get any stimulation.  The man can rectify this by lying on top of his lover or holding on and caressing his lover with his hands. Also he could place his face close to her neck and play with her neck, back and ears, which can feel very connecting and intimate for her.


He says:

Even so, women can enjoy rear entry sex positions because they get the opportunity to fully express their raw sexuality, to feel powerfully feminine and very sexual. In rear entry sex, a woman can really enjoy a sense of "being taken" from behind. She's also able to move very powerfully, finding the movements of her hips and pelvis which most stimulate her G-spot - thrusting movements which can provide great pleasure to her partner, as well. As always, some adjustment of the two partner's heights may be needed to make penetration easy. If he's standing and she's kneeling, she can raise or lower her hips until the couple are well-matched.

She says:

Feel free to go for it girls! The goddess within is never that far from the surface.


He says:

The power and raw sexuality of rear entry sex can be highly enjoyable. But the slightly impersonal nature of it can be off-putting for some people: so, if you want to have a greater sense of connection with your partner, simply place a mirror in front of you both. This is highly erotic, and it also allows you to look into each other's eyes as you make love.

She says:

I am not sure this would do it for women, as it seems a rather male centered/visual idea to me. It sounds like the worst of eye contact, i.e. feeling watched, with the least level of emotional connection. I would guess most women would rather go with closing their eyes and having their lover kiss or nibble their neck.


He says:

One of the great advantages of rear entry sex for a woman is that the penis can hit her sensitive G-spot. In fact, depending on the exact size and shape of a couple's penis and vagina, a woman may even find there is too much friction. If this happens to you, try using a little artificial lubricant (one of the water based ones are best, like Probe or Astroglide) or change position slightly so that your partner's penis enters at a slightly different angle.

More unusual positions such as rear entry with both partners lying face down with the man on top of his partner can be reserved for special occasions when you both feel incredibly aroused and horny, or perhaps when you just want to try something new.


Rear entry sex summarized

He says:

Powerful and exciting for most men, quite primal in fact.

She says:

Powerful and exciting to women, who may need some practice to unleash the goddess within.


He says:


It's a powerful and arousing position for most men. The sight of his penis moving in and out of her body, with his hands free to explore her body or touch her clitoris or breasts, can be an intensely exciting experience. Many men reach orgasm very quickly in this position - and it can feel very satisfying to so so! Men seem to be programmed at a deep level to be aroused by the sight of their partner's buttocks, and it's probably this primal quality which gives a sense of deep satisfaction to rear entry sex. And for a woman who's feeling aroused and wants to enjoy an experience of lustful sex, this position can be great, as she can behave sexily and feel very wanton. That may be quite liberating for women who have a degree of sexual repression. And a woman may be able to reach orgasm during lovemaking if her partner (or she) can stimulate her clitoris or G-spot for long enough (the first by hand, the second with his penis as he makes love).


It isn't good for a man with a premature ejaculation problem, that's for sure, as many men get so aroused. And if a man has a large penis, the depth of his penetration may be uncomfortable for his partner unless she is really aroused. 


She says:


Allows her plenty of room to move and be energetic. Allows her to really give herself to her sense of lust. Doesn't cost that much energy for both partners. She has got her hands free to stimulate herself and doesn't need to worry about him losing interest. By closing her legs she can control the intensity of sensations and the deepness of his thrusts.


Women may need some practice to really let go into their own bodily sensations. If you are not feeling turned on it can get boring. If you are feeling insecure you will have to handle it by yourself as you won't be able to see your lover. Deep penetration can touch the cervix and the thrusting can impact on your lower back. Finally, it's harder to slow your partner down in this position and he might get carried away and ejaculate before you want him to.


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