10 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Want to add some extra excitement to your sex life? Here are some sex advice tips to help you move away from the bedroom rut and start enjoying more creative, satisfying and passionate sex.

1. Discuss Your Desires

One of the most important tips for spicing up your sex life is to talk to your partner about what you both want. Have an honest discussion about areas of pleasure, fantasies and new sexual experiences that you would like to explore. Together, identify the boundaries that you both feel comfortable with and then let your imaginations go wild!

2. Spice Up Your Bedroom

In addition to having an open discussion about fantasies and desires with your partner, you can also add some extra energy to your bedroom setup. Invest in some new bedding or add sexy furniture to your bedroom. Some pieces, such as a massage chair, a love swing or a furry rug, can spice up your sex life in various ways.

3. Create a Playlist

Create a special playlist of music that you both enjoy to set up the mood and get both of your aroused. Music can be used to release certain endorphins and create a deeper, more intimate connection.

4. Buy New Lingerie

Try to slip into something sexy for your partner and see how they react. Lingerie can be an excellent way to feel desired, as well as, show appreciation for your partner. It is also a great way to introduce mini fashion shows into the bedroom while spicing up your sex life as well.

5. Use Massage

Massage can be an important and overlooked way to connect with your partner. The beauty of the act is that it can be used as foreplay, as well as a way to keep connected during sex. There are many techniques to learn from and play with.

6. Play Games

Introducing different sensual, sexual and even board games to your bedroom can help keep the spice alive. Whether it’s stripping each other of clothing while playing poker or playing a game of naughty charades, it can be a great way to create new experiences without feeling out of your sex comfort zone.

7. Kiss

Kissing can often times take a backseat while adding extra elements into your sex life. Kissing helps to get both partners aroused, which can open the doors to new experiences. Tie the act of kissing into the description of your fantasies when talking to your partner or use it as foreplay.

8. Learn About Erogenous Zones

When targeting sensitive areas and erogenous zones, focus on more than just the obvious. Pay attention to the neck, inner thighs and even your partner’s feet. Make use of props or techniques such as blindfolds, feathers and ice cubes to make the experience even more interesting.

9. Introduce Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a great way to add some extra excitement into the bedroom. Talk to your partner and choose a sex toy that both are comfortable with and make sure to use it properly.

10. Go Out on a Date

Flirt and tease each other outside the bedroom. Set the mood even before getting into bed by taking a walk on the beach or going out for a nice dinner. The idea is to get each other aroused and prepare for the night of passion. Going out on a date or enjoying physical contact outside of the bedroom can be the best way to make the anticipation grow.

Overall, spicing up your sexual life is all about challenging your perceptions of what sex should and should not be, and also understanding the needs of your partner. It should always be a safe and consensual experience. Take time to get creative, opt for quality products and don’t forget the importance of communication. Enjoy every moment of the process as it is part of the journey to great sex.