Sex Tips: How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex is an important and intimate part of any romantic relationship. It can provide physical and emotional pleasure, help you bond with your partner, and can even help combat stress and depression. But just like anything else, sex can get stale and routine. That’s why it’s important to find new and exciting ways to keep your sex life alive and stimulating. Here are some tips for how to spice up your sex life and keep it exciting.

1. Change Up the Scenery

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s especially true in the bedroom. Don’t just stick to the same thing day in and day out. Try sex in a different location, like the shower, living room, or even outdoors. To add some mystery, you can even get frisky in a hotel room for a night or two.

2. Talk About Your Desires Together

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, and it’s especially important when it comes to sex. Talk to your partner about what they would like to try and what turns them on. You can learn more about each other’s desires and fantasies, helping you both get more out of your intimate experiences.

3. Make Time for Foreplay

Make sure that you don’t skip foreplay. This is the time to build up anticipation and excitement, with activities like sensual massages, mutual masturbation, nipple play, and oral sex. The more time you spend on foreplay, the more aroused and ready you’ll be for the main event.

4. Try New Positions

There are so many different positions to try when it comes to sex, and many of them can drastically change the experience. Trying something new keeps things interesting and exciting, plus it can add to the pleasure. Look up some of the sex positions out there and talk to your partner about what they’d like to try.

5. Use a Blindfold and Sex Toys

Introducing a blindfold or sex toys to your bedroom can add a new level of excitement and pleasure. Having more skin-to-skin contact can increase the connection and intimacy between you and your partner, while also heightening arousal. Sex toys can provide even more stimulation and variety.

6. Role Play and Get Kinky

If you and your partner are both comfortable with it, you can explore role play and get more adventurous with your sex life. This can involve taking on new characters or using props to heighten the experience. You could also explore different fetishes and kinks, like bondage, spanking, and sensory play.

7. Read or Watch Erotic Content

Learning more about sex can be a great way to get aroused and experiment with new things. You and your partner can watch erotic films or read erotica books together. Or, you can even take turns reading each other stories or watching porn together. This can serve as a great foundation for discussing new fantasies or activities to explore.


Sex is an essential part of any healthy and intimate relationship, but over time it can get stale or boring. Mixing things up is key to spicing up your sex life. Trying new things, such as role play, using sex toys, or reading erotic stories, can help keep things exciting and novel. Communication is also key—it’s important to discuss your desires and fantasies with your partner. By following these sex tips, you can keep your sex life energized and enjoyable.