The Top 10 Sex Positions for a Memorable Experience

When it comes to having sex, there are many different positions to choose from. While some act as staples of any sexual encounter, others may be exciting and new. Whether you’re looking to rekindle the flame with an old favorite, or spice things up with something new, this article highlights the most popular sex positions for a memorable experience.

1. Missionary

Perhaps the best known of all sex positions is the Missionary. It’s a great position to begin with due to its popularity as the first position most individuals learn and explore. In the Missionary, the person on the bottom is on their back with their legs spread apart and the person on top is between their legs. Thanks to its positioning, this position enables couples to make prolonged eye contact and kiss, which can be very intimate.

2. Doggy Style

Doggy Style is a favorite of many because of its physical and visual appeal. It’s often used to spice up the typical sexual routine as it’s an incredibly versatile and pleasurable position. Here, the person on the bottom is on their hands and knees while their partner stands behind them and enters from the rear. It can be adjusted to accommodate different partners and their abilities, and is also a great way to allow the person on top to get creative and experiment.

3. Cowgirl

This position is an excellent option for individuals who are more assertive in bed. In the Cowgirl position, the woman is in the dominant role as she straddles her partner, allowing her to take charge and move in the direction and speed of her own choosing.This is an incredible position to explore and can also help her achieve a clitoral orgasm. If the woman’s partner is willing, she can also practice pegging in this position since their genitals are exposed.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl takes the dynamics of the Cowgirl position and looks to flip them around. Here, the woman is still in charge, except she may put her partner in a more vulnerable position. This makes it easier to engage in stimulating forms of foreplay as the man has better access to her body.The woman also sits facing away from her partner in this position, offering her more freedom of movement and making it an enticing experience for her.

5. Spooning

Spooning is a position that’s great for intimate moments and exploring feeling close and mutual pleasure. It’s often used as a romantic way to begin or end a sexual encounter and can help bring about gentle caresses and whispered sweet nothings.The person on the bottom is in the fetal position while the partner behind them wraps their arms around them. The person on top is also in a great position to reach down and stimulate the butt, clitoris, and other areas.

6. The Splitter

The Splitter is a seated position that’s great for exploring deep penetration and eye contact. The partner on the bottom sits on the bed while their partner on top straddles them in a kneeling position. This allows the person on top to easily thrust in and out while keeping the eyes level with the partner on the bottom.To spice things up a bit more, the partner on the bottom can spread their legs wider, allowing for a deeper penetration.

7. The Chair

The Chair position is great for getting into a variety of angles while still maintaining full control and balance. The person on the bottom sits in a chair while their partner sits on top in a squatting position. The person on top has the ability to thrust while switching up the pace and body accountability.The partner on the bottom can also use their hands and feet to support themselves or to increase the pleasure for their partner.

8. Lotus

The Lotus is a position that offers a lot of control for the person on the bottom. It’s based off of the meditation posture, encouraging a sense of mindfulness and awareness. Here, the person on the bottom sits with their legs crossed while their partner straddles them.The person on top has the ability to move at any pace they’d like while controlling the direction and depth of the penetration. It also provides a great opportunity to kiss and caress each other for an even more intimate experience.

9. Face-Off

The Face-Off is a great option for couples who enjoy deep, intense sex. Here, the person on the bottom lies on their back while their partner kneels and straddles them.Each of the partners should be facing each other, allowing them to look into each other’s eyes and engage in passionate kissing. This position also allows for the more dominant partner to control the pace and intensity of the experience.